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Free SCADALynx Webinars for the month of November

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Multiple 30-minute sessions are held every Monday and Friday.  Just click on the link below to sign up.

Upcoming Sessions


Here are this Month's Sessions:

New User Orientation

Learn how to login, reset your password, navigate the system, and how to set up your home page, default views, and favorite pages.

Every Monday




This session teaches users how to generate and customize detailed reports with the devices, data, and layout that fits their needs.


November 7th



Gauge Sheets & Run Tickets

This session teaches users how to enter run tickets and track tank data from gauge sheets via your PC or mobile device.


November 14th



Advanced Alarming

Learn more about set points, notification lists, how to create tiered and delayed notification schemes. 


November 21st



Mobile App

This session targets users who are currently using or interested in using the mobile app.  Users will learn how to navigate the app, and how to use key features in the mobile application.


November 28th


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