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Top 5 Drivers for Monitoring Oil & Gas Production Assets

Stimulated by oil prices and unconventional shale plays, current activity in the oil and gas industry is extremely high. Independent and multi-national producers alike are increasing their budgets for the remainder of 2014, including investing particularly in the automation of their oil and gas production assets.


What is the catalyst behind rising levels of investment in automation? As industry innovation continues to improve the efficiency of gathering data from complex multi-well facilities, the ability to remotely manage and optimize production has become crucial to success.


More than ever before, oil and gas producers are leveraging the value of automation, and the experiences of eLynx customers reflect the following key business drivers for automating production assets:


Alarming/Operating by Exception

Operating by exception and alarming on production facilities has always been critical. Increasing production levels of condensate and water makes complex alarming schemes paramount. These schemes are being used more and more to guarantee smooth operations: improving the scheduling of hauls and minimizing the chance of spills and environmental issues.

Example: SCADALynx Alarm Indication


Reporting data up the food chain to the C-Suite in near real time versus daily or weekly totals is becoming the norm. Upper management wants to know oil/gas production every day and all day to make sure that goals are being met and that no surprises are lurking on the horizon.

Example: SCADALynx Report

Optimizing Remotely

Artificial lift in all basins is more prevalent than ever, demanding that the right data and resources be available to make the most of the technology. Our customer base is already using remote tuning and result-oriented surveillance, and this activity will increase dramatically in the coming years.

Example: Plunger Lift Run Statistics

Integrating with Back Office Systems

A large majority of field-captured data is getting delivered to back office systems for viewing and analysis. There is huge benefit to populate ERP, production accounting, GIS and all other systems for accuracy and further analysis.

Maximizing the Value of Mergers and Acquisitions

This activity is at a high level and will only continue. Buying a company that has automation and a full history of the production data in the SCADA system increases the ability for a better ROI and greatly reduces the resources needed for gathering data on the acquired assets. 


The industry is healthy, and aggressive players are reaping the rewards of investment in the right areas. Innovation is happening daily, and this industry continues to find ways to develop new resources towards energy independence. Remote monitoring and optimization plays a huge role in the effort. 

About the Author

John C. Powers

John C. Powers is a 25 year veteran in the oil and gas industry and the COO of eLynx Technologies. He oversees the strategic and operational management of web- based SCADA, production surveillance and field services to 400 oil and gas producers worldwide. eLynx has over 25,000 wells/facilities on the SCADALynx platform, gathering over 2 Billion data values per month.  John can be contacted at john@elynxtech.com or 918-496-8500.